Meeting minutes

  • August 1st 2:30pm > Fab Academy

August 2nd 2:30pm > Academany Thesis

Introduction to the thesis

-- Details:

-- Ideas: Launch on Thursday and open to applications, Barcelona and Oulu are committed

In normal thesis there are no clases, should we?

Maybe add: research ethics, communication, and other classes to support the thesis process

Platform to sell students project to companies. Year 1 is to build portfolio. Companies might want to have something in exchange

Use Fab Academy (global) + Thesis (global) + Complementary classes (local) as a shared Master program

Find out how accreditation would work in each case

Committee: Mentor from outside the network (Design, biology, fashion, etc), Guru from the network (Ohad, Bas, Luciano, etc) and Local instructor (depending on the local lab)

Deliverables: A 10 page paper (define format: academic, journal, etc), a working prototype (preferrably tangible), an archive in the thesis repository (fabcloud with) documented work, a project website (landing page)

Combine with recitations from Fab Academy

Levels of interaction: Recitations, Tutorials (on tools or field of knowledge connected with the subjects of interest), Mentoring (interaction between researchers and mentors)

Scouting: Make a clear offer to students, negotiate a relationship with the lab

Thesis team interested:

  • From the network: Kenzo Abiko, Ohad Meyuhas, etc
  • Outside: Liz Corbin, Mara Balestrini, Georgi Georgiev, James Tooze


  • Can someone out of Fab Academy take the Thesis? Only if the work is outstanding, will depend on the committee
  • Is it mandatory to complete Fab Academy? It is highly recommended
  • August 2nd 4:30pm > Fabricademy

  • August 3rd 2:30pm > Fab Academy X

  • August 3rd 4:30pm > Bio Academy

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